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Bad Boy MZ 42 Inch Cut Mower

Bad Boy MZ 42 Inch Cut Mower

Cutting Width 42"
Cutting Height 1" – 4" with Deck Height Control System
Blades 7/32" x 2 1/2" x 14 1/2", High Lift, Heat Treated
Lift and Height Adjustment Foot-Assist Lift
Blade Belt Single V-Belt Spring Tension
Anti-Scalp Rollers 2 Total (2 Front)
Deck Flotation Floats On 3 Leveling Linkages Along with 2 Anti-Sway Bars
Deck Thickness 1/8" Thick Solid Steel
Gross Horsepower/cc 725cc Air-Cooled Kohler KT725
Cylinders 90 Degree V-Twin
Displacement 540
Maximum Torque 40 ft. lbs. @ 2,600 RPM
Fuel Requirement Unleaded Gasoline (87 Octane or higher)
Fuel Capacity 3 Gallons
Fuel Filter Replaceable Automotive Type
Cooling System Air-Cooled
Ignition Electronic
Starter 12 Volt
Charging System 16 Amp
Transmission Dual Integrated Hydrostatic Transaxle
Pump Drive Integrated Axial Piston Pump & Motor w/Gear Reduction
Wheel Drive Integrated with Gear Reduction
Hydrostatic System Oil 20W50 Motor Oil
Hydraulic Filter -
Pumps (2) EZT Integrated Unit
Hydraulic Coolers (2) 7" Cooling Fan Per Unit
Weight 585 lbs.
Overall Height 42"
Overall Width 42"
Overall Length 67 3/4"
Tire to Tire Width 41"
Tires - Front 11 x 6.0 – 5 Smooth Tread
Tires - Rear 18 x 8.5 - 8 Turf Tread
Steering Dual Lever Steering, Independent Control
Turning Radius Zero Turn - Zero Degrees, Turns Within Unit Length
Ground Speed (forward) Up To 6 mph
Parking Brake External Cogg Brake

Bad Boy Mowers Bad Boy MZ 42 Inch Cut Mower

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